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Martin Burns


2018 Entrepreneur of the Year, Biometrics Industry (North America)

Bruin Biometrics LLC, United States


Lecture: The story of Bruin Biometrics: A case study from the CEO perspective

Recogniyed as a Company that has accepted the challange of helping care providers deliver quality and cost targets during a period of intense pressure, Brun Biometrics develops new-to-the world medical device systems that cost-effectively detect and monitor select medical conditions with urgent clinical need. Practitioners using data from the technologies have been able to inform clinical decisions, simplify patient care, and improve patient outcomes. Modernized, less-stressed care pathways results.

The challenges of being at the leading edge of innovation can be organized under five headings: 1. the right corporate strategy; 2. the right organization; 3. the right product; 4. the right market strategy; and , 5. the right product launch strategy. This lecture covers all five areas in detail and provides personal insights to the day-to-day experience of leading a business in an environment of perfect uncertainly. 


Lecture: Corporate strategy for a starting medical device company


Short biography

"European CEO, Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018, Martin is CEO of Bruin Biometrics.  From his appointment in 2012, Martin has lead the company through the entire concept through commercialization cycle for the SEM Scanner, the first medical device for detection of early signs of incipient pressure ulcers. The company's SEM Scanner has been granted FDA clearance through the de novo pathway and CE Mark; received 27 patents; awarded 7 global innovation awards; and, has pioneering customers achieving zero pressure ulcers through the use of the Scanner in clinical practice. BBI has two other diagnostic technologies in development.  Prior to BBI, Martin spent more than 15 years as a management consultant in the US and Europe at Deloitte Consulting and PricewaterhouseCoopers where he led corporate strategy, innovation, operations, quality and regulatory, M&A and global expansion assignments for medical device and life sciences companies."